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As men grow older, they may notice a thinning of the hair on top of the head. They notice a receding hair line or a bald spot that gets larger. Often both hair loss conditions can happen at the same time. Male pattern hair loss is a condition that gets progressively worse over time. By age 40, most men has seen a loss or a thinning of the hair on their scalp. There is a treatment available for male pattern hair loss.

Propecia is used to treat hair loss, or male pattern baldness. It treats the condition by preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, dihydrotestosterone, in the body. DHT shrinks the hair follicles.

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Propecia stops the production of follicle inhibiting DHT, and when taking Propecia the men saw a regrowth or a stop in the hair loss that caused the male pattern baldness. Some men taking Propecia for their hair loss noticed a difference in three months. Others noticed a change after six months. Men who see no noticeable change in their hair loss, either a regrowth or just a stop in the hair loss, after 12 months, should stop taking the pills.

This hair loss remedy is only for men. It shouldn't be taken by women or children. In fact, women who think they may be or are pregnant, should not handle the pills at all. The active ingredient can cause abnormalities in infants. If a woman should come into contact with the pills, she should wash her hands with soap and water immediately since the ingredients could be absorbed through the skin.