Bills At-Home Activity: Day 1

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Now that most of us are settling into our new routines, we’ve created a special Bills “At-Home” series to help ease the boredom and keep you and your family connected – to each other and to the Bills! We hope everyone is prioritizing health and safety, but as Bills fans know, family is right there, high on the list. It’s only fitting that the team that brings us together in the good times keeps us together in the tough times. We hope you enjoy these activities as much as we do!

Activity #1 – Bills Trivia

Click here to download our Buffalo Bills trivia! The first tab represents each question with grids to fill in answers, and the second tab shows the correct answers. These can be printed out on individual pieces of paper so the whole family can play. How well do you know your Bills?


  • No Cheating –> Do not look at the ‘Answers’ tab until all participants have finished.
  • No Cell Phones –> During the quiz, each participant must turn off their cell phone.
  • Timing –> Each round should run between 5-10 minutes
  • Scoring –> 1 point for each correct Bills player, 1 point for correct spelling, and 1 point for correct placement of the player (by rank and year.)

Good Luck!